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Streetcars in Other Cities

Streetcar lines are popping up in other cities across the country. Many are similar in length to the proposed Loop Trolley line and are experiencing remarkable success. The Seattle South Lake Union Streetcar is 2.6 miles with 11 stations approximately every 2 to 4 blocks. The streetcar runs Monday through Sunday and has a daily ridership of 1780. The projected annual ridership by 2016 is 1.1 million. The capital cost on this project was $52.1 million. The project was funded through a number of sources including local improvement district, federal funds, state grants and surplus property sale proceeds.

The Tacoma Link Streetcar is 1.6 miles in length and cost $78.2 million to build. The project has both shared and dedicated lanes. It has 5 stations and has an average weekday ridership of 2,925. This system has 10 minute headways. This project was funded as a part of the Sound Moves Regional System Plan through a .4 percent sales tax and a .3 percent motor vehicle excise tax.

The Little Rock River Rail Streetcar s initial track length was 2.5 miles. The line has now been extended to 3.4 miles with 11 stations. The total capital cost for the entire line was $28 million. The initial cost was $20.5 million. Annual ridership in 2007 was 170,000. The funding was provided by both federal grants and local matches from both the City of Little Rock and the City of North Little Rock.

Tampa TECO Streetcar is 3.0 miles in length and carries 1082 riders on weekdays. The system was originally 2.4 miles with initial capital costs of $48.3 million. The line is mostly shared lanes and has 12 stations approximately .25 miles apart. Sixty-two percent of the project was paid for through federal and state funds prioritized by the metropolitan planning organization. The Florida DOT and the City of Tampa covered the remaining capital costs. The operating budget is $2.5 million a year through various sources including $620,000 from the farebox.


Public Notice

The first contract has been executed for the Loop Trolley Project. A Contractor will be removing trees from the proposed alignment starting the week of Feb. 17. The trees must be removed before the migratory birds begin to nest in them in the spring. The work is expected to take approximately two weeks.

All trees that are removed will be replaced by the Project. Please take caution when traveling near the workers during this process.

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